Elder Jencen Robey


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Jencen’s 1st e-mail home!

Hoi Family!

  The food down here is crazy good and i eat it all but the best thing is the fruit. They have bowls of fresh papaya and lime wedges at almost every meal so I go CRAZY haha Gaurana, the soda that Bro Gardner got me is in rich supply here at the CTM so I am content 🙂 I will be scanning my journal entries up until now later today so expect those tomorrow. I have been coming up with a creative title for each day´s journal entry and so far we have: I´m here- but where´s my district?, Say cheese, EFY on Guarana, Power in obedience, Faith Work Love, Wait the portuguese alphabet makes more sense that ours?!, and I still have to decide what today will be. It will probably have to do with the crazy time I am about to have. In 20 minutes I get to go shopping around the CTM with my companion, Elder Deakin. My letters explain all about him. I am so happy, and I am feeling the spirit in completely new ways! Goosbumps, peace, and of course the burning in the chest I have always felt. Bean and rice- incredible! They cook the beans all day with garlic and tons of bacon so as you can imaging, I am happy. My district (21A) is made up of 6 guys from WA, OR, and UT. Elder Bingham is from Kathlamit WA. He is super easy to talk to and just a really funny guy. Elder Garret is from Tigard OR, and he is really quite but a serious athlete and sports fanatic. The next three guys are almost fluent because they have taken language classes, or have brazilians in their families. He is from a city a few miles outside of San Fran, CA and he has perfect pronunciation. It drives us all crazy but he is a good district leader, keeping us in line and on time. Elder Lucerda is the typical utah boy. He fake and bakes, and brought a stinkin Shakeweight!! He is a nationally ranked soccer player though and his dad turned down playing pro for the world´s largest soccer club, Flamengo. His dad is from Rio so he understands everything. He is a cali boy at heart and its always quiet when he is not around but not in a bad way. Elder Deakin, my companion, is last. He is from a small town a half hour outside of Logan UT. He went to the Provo MTC last year for 7.5 weeks but his visa got canceled accidentally because of some new worker in Brasil- thats how they spell Brazil here. So he is here, basically fluent, which is really beneficial to me. At first he seemed to resent the whole situation because he was a 20 year old stuck witha  bunch of 19 year olds that didn´t speak the language. After about 3 days he totally opened up and now he is my favorite. He is totally loyal, helpful, and he says great prayers. Our district has the goal of learning how to pray by tonight and I am 90% of the way there- Nosso Pai Celestial, agrajeçamos-te por teu filho, jesus Cristo. Brigado para Brasil. Por favor nos ajude a ser obedientes, nos pensamos á (something) o profeta, nós pensamos que (something) com o Espírito, en nome de jesus Crist, amém. I love the language! It is hard and they speak SUPER fast but it just makes sense. The brazilian people in the CTM number about 200 and there are around 150 americans (all from CA, NY, WA, or OR). The brazilians are crazy about axe so our whole floor stinks. They love to laugh and love to prank us american´s but it is all in god humor. In brazil they teach english as a requirement so they can usually  understand us. We went to the temple in  Sao Paulo today and it was GORGEOUS!!!! The landscaping was all perfect round bushes and fountains and flowers everywhere. The inside of the temple is covered in mahagony and the same granite we have in our kitchen. I love it, love the culture here, LOVE the food, and I am right on track teaching wise. Tell the ward that I am doing well, progressing in the language, and that I don´t think I could ever get tired of rice and beans. And make sure the bishop knows that my vocab has grown 5 fold! Tell Nan that I miss her and that McKay will do a great job. I get sad when I think about all of you but I haven´t cried since the stake president´s office! About the piano, I got to Atlanta and I was the only missionary flying to Sao Paulo haha my district got held up in Dallas because of tornado warnings and their travel took an extra day. So I got to the CTM and had a day to learn the Brazilian national anthem! Look it up, its SO BEAUTIFUL! Love you guys, I am praying for you and the Lord is blessing you ! Tchau!!!!!!!!!!!    – Elder Robey

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Jencen at the MTC in Brazil

Dear Parents,

We are happy to send the good news that your missionary has arrived safely at the Brazil MTC.  What a great joy and privilege it is to greet each missionary as they come through the front door of the MTC for the first time. We promise to    take good care of your missionary.They now have companions and are settled into their rooms.  They are assigned to a district with capable and caring instructors for language and lesson study.  The branch presidents and their wives, will soon give them a second greeting.  These couples are rewarded in their callings through the love they always develop as they embrace and watch over the missionaries.The MTC has a full time live-in physician to care for their health needs.  He is assisted by his able wife. We are also happy to report that the Cafeteria food is abundant and very good.Your missionary will be able to e-mail home on Preparation Day after a morning at the Temple.  This will be either Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on individual assignments.Your very important young person is about to make an eternal difference in the lives of others.  We hope you will be encouraged and comforted by this quote by President Lorenzo Snow: “There is no mortal man that is so much interested in the success of an elder [sister] when he is preaching the gospel as the Lord that sent him to preach to the people who are the Lord’s children.”

Please accept our love,

President Donald L Clark and Sister Zaza Clark

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